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FCF History

The history of FCF is one of color, filled with exciting stories of trace’s and rendezvous past, and livley characters that tell tales of his exploits, capturing the adventure seeking heart of every boy who listens to his yarns.

Originally called the Frontiersmen Camping Fraternity, it was founded in the summer of 1966.  For some time, Johnnie Barnes, our first National Commander and founder of Royal Rangers had felt that we needed a special honor society to give recognition to leaders and older Royal Rangers who had distinguished themselves in advancement, training and camping.

The early American frontiersmen was an excellent example of a man’s ability to adapt in the out of doors and the wilderness.  His achievements were also examples of courage and determination, this is why the National Royal Rangers office made the decision to base FCF upon the lore and traditions of these early frontiersmen.

The first FCF chapter was organized in the Southern California District on July 8, 1966.  High in the San Bernardino Mountains in a clearing surrounded by gigantic ponderosa pine trees, a large group of Royal Rangers  and leaders sat around a blazing campfire.  As they waited, a feeling of mystery and expectancy filled the night air.  Suddenly, the sound of a hunters horn was heard , shattering the nights stillness.  As the echo of the horn was fading through the trees, National Commander Johnnie Barnes stepped into the fire light dressed in a buckskin outfit and coonskin cap.  As he began to explain the new FCF program,  a hum of excitement rose above the crackling campfire. 

Assisted by two district leaders, Ron Halvorson and Bob Reid, these men proceeded with the first FCF call out.  After pledging to endure a time of testing, the candidates were lead away to a nearby mountaintop for an all night initiation. 

Five men and five boys were officially inducted into the fraternity at the final friendship fire, it was here that they sensed that this was an important milestone in Royal Rangers history.

In September of that year, the second FCF initiation was held in Southern Missouri near Lake of the Ozarks, inducting  five new members.  Northern California and Iowa districts also organized FCF chapters that same year.  Today, there is an FCF Chapter in every district in America.  FCF has even spread overseas to nations like Austraila and Singapore! 

The history of FCF is one of excitement and adventure that continues to be written even today.  Will you be a part of it?  Do you have what it takes to be a Frontiersmen and become a member of FCF?  If you do, then we will see you around the campfire soon!

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