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The Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) and the Voyagers Territory


FCF is a special program of the Royal Rangers Ministry that provides boys and men with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early american frontiersman.   Our Purpose is to Inspire Brotherhood among our members, Promote Personal Development through advancement and training, and Provide Valuable Service to Royal Rangers and beyond.  The Voyagers Territory is made up of the Great Lakes Region and our FCF membership is made up of the Heny Rowe Schoolcraft (MI), Abe Lincoln (IL), Simon Kenton (IN), Coureur De Bois (OH), and the Long Rifles (KY) Chapters.

2019 Events Calendar

2019 Joint Territorial Rendezvous


Territorial Rendezvous are an outdoor event that typically includes competitions such as a black powder shoot, tomahawk throwing, knife throwing, a best outfit contest, flint and steel, fire building, and trading, learning of new skills, crafts, and other frontier-related activities.  Territorial Rendezvous are commonly held every two years.  

This year we will be offering all three FCF advancement experiences. 

FCF Experience Workbooks


 Interested in joining FCF or looking to advance? Link on over to the National FCF website and get your copy of a FCF Experience Workbook today. 

Do you have what it takes?

Greetings from the Voyagers territorial Rep!

‘Simon Sez’

Greetings Fellow FCF’ers,

     I’m excited to welcome you to our official Voyagers website. I’d like to thank our Territorial Chairman, Jim "Skinflint" Allen, and Territorial Scribe, Mark “Pine Wood” Craft, for making it happen. A lot of work has been put into this, and it’s great to see it online and in living color! Take time to peruse the whole site; there is a lot of valuable information available.

     The Territorial Rendezvous packet is now available. We will be using a online registration form (If you would like a hard copy of the form contact the Territorial Scribe) - start now making plans to attend. There are perks for early registration such as: discounts, multiple patches, a medallion, and an opportunity to pre-order a t-shirt and a special promo patch.

      The Events Calendar link includes dates for events in the Chapters of the Voyagers Territory, making it a great resource. If you have a free weekend and want to visit one of your neighbors or take a Young Buck to a Frontier Adventure or Trace, you will find dates for these events right here.

       There are also links to other sites as well as our Facebook page that can help you in your Royal Rangers and FCF ministry.

      I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders. I know your calling from God to guide young men on their journey to godly manhood is no small task; keep up the good work and stay the course. I look forward to seeing you on the trail and have the privilege to “share with you the warmth and glow of this campfire.” Until then, keep yer powder dry and watch the horizon.

Yr Mo Hmbl & Obt Svt,

Simon Tanner

Territorial Registration

Like Simon Sez, you are in the right spot pilgrim, keep checking back to see when we go live with online registration.  

Online territorial registration

Additional Links

National Royal Rangers


 The Royal Rangers program is an activity-based, small group church ministry for boys and young men in grades K-12. Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders. For more information click the emblem above.

National FCF


 FCF is a special program of Royal Rangers Ministry that provides boys and men with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early american frontiersman.  For more information click the fire above. 

Great Lakes Region


 The Great Lakes Region exists to strengthen Royal Rangers leaders in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio as an extension of and on behalf of the National Royal Rangers ministries by serving these districts, developing leaders, and encouraging relationships.  For more information click the logo above.

Voyagers Territory FCF Facebook Page


Voyagers Territory lend me your ear!  Please follow us on Facebook and post pictures of your gatherings around the campfire.  Click the picture above to be directly connected to the our Facebook page.